Economic and environmental sustainability: why choose a refurbished iPhone

Choosing refurbished Apple products , such as iPhones , AirPods and MacBooks helps reduce the Carbon Footprint! And you will ask yourself: "yes, but what is this 'Carbon Footprint??', no, it is certainly not the imprint of your foot, but literally "carbon footprint" and it is the parameter that allows you to determine the environmental impacts that our activities have on climate change and, therefore, on global warming.

The data speak for themselves, worldwide every year electronic waste equal to 6,849 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower is produced. Absurd right?

The environmental problem, however, is not limited to the large amount of waste, because it becomes even more important if we think of the amount of carbon dioxide (responsible for climate change) that is released into the atmosphere to produce a new iPhone which, on average, does not has been used for more than 2 years (don't say no, we know that you too have made "disposable" with a phone, at least once in your life).

Find out why buying refurbished Apple products is good for the environment

We assume that buying a refurbished iPhone is not only good for the environment, but also and above all for you, who don't have to spend the same amount of money for a fully functional and apparently new product.

But if you want something more technical, catch a pimp here on the reasons that affect the purchase of a refurbished iPhone or any refurbished Apple product.


Producing a new iPhone means extracting various minerals, even precious and rare ones. Usually the mines from which these raw materials are extracted are located in countries afflicted by civil wars where workers operate in terrible conditions. That's why buying a regenerated iPhone means taking care of the planet, in this way you say "NO" to the exploitation of raw materials found in nature, but also of the greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere during their extraction.

In this way, you will also help those who, out of necessity, find themselves extracting these minerals.


After the extraction of the minerals, we move on to the production of the final product. Making a new iPhone means putting a lot of greenhouse gases (responsible for climate change) into the atmosphere, so much so that Apple itself has created a special program to make the energy used by their suppliers cleaner. But all this is not enough! That's why buying a refurbished iPhone helps reduce the greenhouse effect!

We at I-Tech don't want to convince you to buy a refurbished iPhone, but only illustrate the reason why we, as a company, started to put refurbished Apple products on the market. Discover our refurbished apple products in our shop !