5 ways to take care of your new refurbished iPhone and make it last as long as possible

Every morning in the world, as the sun rises, an iPhone turns on knowing that its average life is 18 months. Every morning in Italy, as the sun rises, a member of the I-Tech team wakes up knowing that, instead, that iPhone could last 5 years.

Yep, the same story every morning! We asked our team of refurbishing experts how to make your new refurbished iPhone last longer and they told us about 5 amazing ways. Ready?

  • Arm him as only Iron Man can
  • Cover and protective film: these will be your two best friends to prevent the iPhone from breaking as a result of falls, bumps and adverse conditions. As soon as you have your new refurbished Apple device in your hands, make sure you armor it properly before you go out to show it off in front of your friends! Protecting it externally is important, especially if you want to resell it in the future.

  • Make peace with the charger
  • We know you do too, but stop doing it. When the iPhone is 100% charged, disconnect it from the charger and reconnect it only when it is 10-15%. The time between the two recharges affects the health of the battery. Turn it off or put it in airplane mode when you don't use it for an extended period and always adjust the brightness.

  • Follow Giuliacci
  • Never leave your iPhone in scorching heat or frost, rather follow the weather advice of the good Mario Giuliacci. Smartphones do not tolerate extreme temperatures: in the sun or in the cold, components could wear out and the battery could swell. Always pay attention to the climate!

  • Check applications
  • Always close all applications you are not using and keep the ones you are currently using open. When an application remains open it consumes energy! Don't let your iPhone suffer under the weight of your quick index when opening apps!

  • Broom, shovel and spring cleaning
  • If you don't want your refurbished iPhone to open Ticketone in 1 minute and a half, not giving you the opportunity to buy tickets for that concert you've been waiting for 3 years now, then clean up! Free up memory, remove unnecessary applications and give ... delete that 400 photos and 250 food videos, so you won't post them anywhere!

    These are just 5 SIMPLE tips, but they could give you 5 wonderful YEARS together with your iPhone!