They call them regenerated AirPods because I listen to music there, I make calls, my name is my mom, I listen to a series, all without tangling with the earphones was too long (do you agree)?
Refurbished AirPods are the most requested and best-selling Apple accessory, so hurry up - we don't want you to run out of them!
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      Did you clean your Apple AirPods before selling them?
      You thought it, we know it and so we thought we would go ahead of you! CERTAIN! I-Tech's refurbished Apple AirPods have not only been cleaned, but disinfected via a ray machine. Don't worry, we also care about your personal hygiene!

      How do I choose the degree of regeneration of my AirPods?
      How to choose a used car? No, come on, choosing remanufactured AirPods is easier because you just need to read this guide.

      Why should i buy refurbished Apple AirPods?
      Because you save, you are good for the environment, you avoid the exploitation of earth's mineral resources, you put less CO2 into the air, you contribute to reducing the amount of technological waste in the world. If you want we can continue the list!

      What models of AirPods on offer are there on I-Tech?
      Hear that music here:
      AirPods Pro;
      Third generation AirPods.
      Second generation AirPods.