Why choose a refurbished iPad ? Because it's more ecological, less expensive and because you'll be good for the planet! Discover the models of regenerated Apple tablets: iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and choose the perfect one for your pockets and for the environment! The Apple tablets refurbished by I-Tech have gone through a long regeneration process to arrive at you in their optimal state, as if they were NEW!
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      Why are I-Tech refurbished iPads convenient?
      Apple tablets refurbished by I-Tech are purchased from trusted dealers and remanufactured by a highly experienced selected team. Giving new life to an Apple product is a mission for us, both economically and environmentally. For this reason our regenerated iPads are so convenient… if I were you I would take advantage of them now!

      How do I choose the degree of regeneration?
      We were ready for this question! That's why we've written a guide on how to choose the perfect regeneration grade for you. Click here.

      What is the difference between a refurbished iPad and a used one?
      There is a sea in between: you know the history of the rarely used iPad , you don't know if it has defects, malfunctions, if it was thrown against the wall during a couple crisis. On the other hand, we know everything about the regenerated iPad , we have taken care of it, fixed it and brought it back to new. What you should really ask yourself is what is the difference between a new one and a regenerated one… the answer is only the PRICE !

      Which refurbished iPad on offer to choose?
      Well, the best for your pocket and your needs. Choose between:
      iPad Air 5th generation, iPad Air 4th generation and iPad Air 3rd generation;
      iPad Mini 6th generation, iPad Mini 5th generation, iPad Mini 4th generation, iPad Mini 3rd generation and iPad Mini 2nd generation;
      iPad Pro fifth generation, iPad Pro fourth generation and iPad Pro third generation;
      iPad 9th generation, iPad 8th generation, iPad Pro 7th generation.