The I-Tech story and why choose Apple products Refurbished

I-Tech was born in 2017 , when the 3R concept: " refuse, reduce, reuse " has begun to take hold. This is how we started getting interested in refurbished products.

Even the customers were starting to look for a used product, but one that was as good as new. So what was the one thing to do? Recondition . This is how we bring back to life - after being inspected and repaired - hi-tech products (mainly Apple) such as: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods , thus entering what we all know as the circular economy . Over the years, our company has taken on a notable role in the European telephony landscape, thanks to transparency, reliability and speed in shipments. Our products are purchased from certified partners and are subject to careful review after being refurbished and before being sold to our customers.

Our values ​​highlight who we are and how we accomplish our mission

Our idea comes from the desire to give new life to used products. We believe that extending the life of the product allows us to have important environmental benefits, offering a better experience to our customers. What does all this mean? Spend less and do good for the environment in one fell swoop. Don't you feel excited already?

Make the difference: choose the right refurbished

I-Tech is a sustainable company! Choosing a refurbished Apple product instead of a new one does not only mean making an affordable, but also environmentally conscious choice.

Refuse, reduce, reuse

Buying an Apple refurbished product translates into savings on raw materials, copper and silicon. But not only that: there is also a decrease in the greenhouse effect. Buying a refurbished iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook means receiving packaging made entirely of recycled paper.

What does refurbished mean for I-Tech?

For us at I-Tech, reconditioning means offering a quality product. We pay close attention to the remanufacturing process of iPhone, MacBook, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch, by doing so we get quality, reliable and safe refurbished Apple products! We carry out all types of hardware and software tests before putting them back on sale. If necessary we repair and replace damaged components, so as to obtain an optimal reconditioned!

Our refurbishment criteria

We evaluate the Apple product in 3 refurbishment criteria:
As new - Grade A +
Excellent condition - Grade A
Good condition - Grade B

Our stages of the refurbishment process

The reconditioning takes place in our laboratory, where specialized personnel take care of reconditioning iPhone, iPad, MacBook, AirPods and Apple Watch. First, a check of the external components is carried out, then we move on to the Hardware and Software test, after which we proceed with the reconditioning. At this point a test is carried out and when the product is completed and finished, a device sanitization process is carried out. NB These phases may undergo variations depending on the device.