Apple Watch

Still don't have a refurbished Apple Watch ? Your time has come! Those who have one can no longer imagine their life without: real-time notifications, sports activity monitoring, phone calls and yes, if you're wondering, you can even tell the time! Discover the refurbished Apple smartwatch models and buy yours now!
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      Is the Apple Watch band also refurbished?
      No, we don't have a magic wand to do it yet, but we're working on it! Refurbished Apple Watch bands are replaced. The device is LIKE new, while the strap is completely NEW !

      How do I choose the degree of reconditioning of the refurbished iWatch?
      Easy, just read this guide (it's short, don't worry!) to choose the degree of Apple Watch refurbishment that's right for you!

      What warranty does I-Tech have on refurbished Apple smartwatches?
      The same we have on refurbished iPhones, refurbished MacBooks, refurbished iPads, refurbished Air Pods .
      Oh yeah, it's 12 months !

      What Apple Watch models do you have on offer?
      Try to time the time it will take you to read… ah, true, maybe you don't have an Apple Watch yet!

      • Apple Watch Series 5;

      • Apple Watch SE;

      • Apple Watch Series 6;

      • Apple Watch Series 7.