3 methods to pass your data from old phone to your new refurbished iPhone

This is your face now that you just got the new I-Tech refurbished iPhone:

But this could always be your face in 10 minutes as soon as you realize you need to switch data from your old phone to your new iPhone:

Don't worry, on I-Tech you can not only buy refurbished iPhones, but find out how to take care of them! We have 3 foolproof ways to pass data from one phone to another!

1. Using Quick Start

For this recipe you will need:

  • 1 new iPhone LOAD
  • 1 old iPhone LOAD
  • 150gr of patience


Put the two iPhones close together and check that Bluetooth is on. Turn on the new iPhone and click on "Continue", in a few seconds the "Continue" item will appear on the old iPhone, click on it! After clicking on all these continue on the new iPhone an animation will appear (as if by magic) that you will have to scan with the old iPhone (yes, I hope you are taking notes!).

Once this is done, the new iPhone will ask you for a code, enter it along with your Apple ID.

Now click on "Transfer from iPhone", lie down, wipe off the sweat, have a beer and wait for the two to finish!

2. Use iCloud

For this second recipe you will need:

  • Backup the old iPhone to iCloud;
  • Reset your iPhone

Now the thing is lightning fast: turn on the new refurbished iPhone, go through the pre-setting path and connect the phone to the WiFi network. Go to the Application and Data screen, click Recover from iCloud Backup and log into iCloud. Choose the backup you want to recover and… done.

3. Use iTunes

For this recipe you will need:

  • Old iPhone charged
  • iPhone refurbished new load
  • Latest version of iTunes
  • Your refurbished MacBook (don't have it? Buy it here)
  • Backup old iPhone to iTunes

Now: turn on the new iPhone, click “Applications and data”, select “Recover from Mac or PC” and connect it to the computer with a USB cable. (yes come on, that's the one to load it in short). Open iTunes on your laptop, search for your new device and select “Recover backup”, choose the backup and… done.

Now you just have to enjoy your new refurbished iPhone!