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Frequent questions

No, they are LIKE new! As we told you, the I-Tech team is like a medical team that works on Apple devices to give them new life! In short, we are the apple surgeons!

What's the difference between your wife and your mother-in-law? (Kidding, we're sure they're both great!). A refurbished Apple product, unlike a used one, is put back on the market after passing several regeneration steps . The quality of a refurbished device is equal to that of a new device, in terms of software. What you can turn a blind eye to if you want to save is aesthetics!

We thought a few more scratches and a few bucks less are better than vice versa! The grades of refurbishment help you more easily identify the condition of the product you are purchasing. For more information click here.

Clap your hands 3 times, turn around and say the magic word "RECONDITION". Or click here and fill out the form!

Well, device prices vary by memory capacity and (rarely) by color !

Only the power cord ! We want you to continue using your new refurbished Apple device even after it has downloaded!

No, there is nothing here again, everything is LIKE new, even the batteries (otherwise the ecological question that we explain to you here is lost!) Our batteries are in an optimal state, this means that their capacity is never 80% lower than a new one.

Payments and Guarantee

The warranty on your new refurbished Apple product will last 12 months .

Sure ! Proceeding to check out you will find a space to enter your discount code.

Shipping, delivery and returns

Eh, you are asking too much here! No, your product will not have the original box, but a super cool box from I-Tech (trust me, it's better than the original ones!).

Faster than light: Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours . Except for unforeseen events such as long weekends, Christmas, Black Friday, New Year's Eve, Grandma's Day.

Of course, if there was no love at first sight, it's not your fault! You can return your refurbished Apple product within 14 days of its arrival. Once back in the warehouse we will provide you with a voucher equal to its value to spend on our site or re-credit the amount using the payment method you used during the purchase.

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