Free iPhone memory: 3 useful tips to optimize space!


You're taking a walk, you realize that the sky has the most beautiful lights and colors you've ever seen. You take out your refurbished iPhone to immortalize it, you look for the perfect shot, you adjust the exposure on your screen, you are very satisfied * and you are already thinking about the song to include in the story that you will then make on Instagram. Press to take the photo..but a warning spoils the magic moment “Not enough space to take photos”..
In order not to lose the moment you hasten to delete videos, apps, photos, whatsapp chats, emails, saved documents that you didn't even know you had, but when you roll your eyes you notice with disappointment that lights and colors have changed..

The moment in which you will have to free up the memory of your iPhone will come inexorably so it is better to be prepared and avoid it happening at the least opportune moment.

The internal memory of the smartphone tends to fill up very quickly especially if you are someone who takes a lot of photographs, documents everything through videos or downloads all kinds of apps.
So here are 3 useful tips to quickly free up space on your refurbished iPhone.

1 Delete large videos and photos

We all love documenting our lives and reliving experiences through photos and videos but unfortunately they are the elements that weigh the most on the memory of our refurbished iPhone.

The advice is not to permanently delete your memories but to move large images and videos to an alternative space. An online cloud is ideal!
We recommend Google Drive or Dropbox, rather than iCloud, whose free available storage is very limited and will not be enough to house all your photos and videos.


2 Clean up your apps and delete the ones you don't use

Perhaps this may seem like obvious advice, but how many applications have you installed on your iPhone to "use them in the future" that you have never used or that you have used very few times but no longer use? Games, pedometers, apps to edit photos… do you really use them all and are they indispensable? Surely not.

To quickly free up iPhone memory, the best solution is to open the settings, click on “General” and then on “iPhone Space”. Here you will find a list of all the apps you have installed on your smartphone sorted by the space they occupy in the memory. You can choose whether to do a good manual cleaning by deleting what you don't consider essential or rely on Apple's artificial intelligence which will uninstall all the apps you no longer use in order of weight. (WARNING though, data from uninstalled apps will be lost.)

Little extra trick: sometimes apps store cache files to load content faster. Excellent you will say! But no, these cache files can also be very large and take up memory space. If you notice that an app is taking up more memory space than the original one indicated in the app store, it is certainly due to the cache.

To free up space and clear all these temporary and cache files, simply delete and reinstall the apps.

3 WhatsApp cleaning

Whatsapp is the app we just can't do without but it has a big flaw.. it saves locally any type of multimedia file that is sent to us or that we send. This obviously affects the memory space a lot. Delete chats and messages that do not interest you and in the settings click on "Space and Data" and then on "Manage Space". You will find the used space and the media content that takes up the most space. All you have to do is clean up!

They are 3 SIMPLE and FAST tips, but they could give you precious space in your memory!