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What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a production and consumption model aimed at extending the life cycle of products in order to minimize waste . According to this model, when the product has not finished its function, the materials from which it is made, if possible, are reused within the production cycle.

The circular economy involves sharing, borrowing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible to reduce environmental impact .

The importance of the circular economy

The circular economy brings numerous advantages, including lower environmental impact , optimization of the availability of raw materials and greater benefits in terms of innovation and economic growth.

Most of the emissions produced over the lifetime of a smartphone come from materials and energy used in manufacturing, transportation and disposal. In addition to climate change, smartphone production is associated with social problems, such as health and human rights violations in the mining sector.

That's why I-Tech wants to redefine the lifecycle of consumer devices through the circular business model to sell and recycle smartphones .

We take care of refurbishing the iPhones and once this procedure is finished and after having extended their life, we take care of putting them back on the market. In this way, we want to educate people to understand that choosing a refurbished product can have a significant impact on the environment , with the aim of creating more awareness of sustainability and projecting everyone towards more responsible consumption .

What impact do raw materials have on the environment?

The increase in the extraction and processing of raw materials risks further aggravating the situation of pollution of the air , water and even the soil , risking intensifying climate change.

Did you know that producing a new iPhone means extracting various minerals, even precious and rare ones that have a strong negative impact on the environment ? Usually the mines that offer these raw materials are found in countries afflicted by civil wars where workers also operate in terrible conditions.

Added to this are also greenhouse gas emissions, which together with the extraction and use of fossil fuels, the production of iron, steel and building materials contribute significantly to CO2 emissions .

That's why, buying a refurbished iPhone helps to reduce the greenhouse effect, without taking anything away from the desire to have a good, efficient and, at this point… product that's good for the environment!

Why Choose Refurbished iPhones and Products?

The global amount of e-waste is on the rise, and smartphones are rapidly growing e-waste. This adds a huge impact on the environment and accelerates climate change. We at I-Tech support circular consumption by refurbishing iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watches, iPads and MacBooks, giving them new life . Circularity is our answer to reducing e-waste , shaping environmentally conscious choices and promoting a sustainable future .

New iPhone vs Refurbished iPhone: what's the difference?

Not sure whether to buy an I-Tech refurbished iPhone or a new iPhone?

Buying a refurbished iPhone is the best choice for us, here are the advantages of buying refurbished products:

1. The price

All I-Tech products are like new products but cost much less than brand new products. However, this does not come at the expense of quality and functionality. Our refurbished products have three different degrees of reconditioning, Like New , Very Good , Good Condition . The price obviously varies according to the reconditioning.

2. The environmental impact

Now more than ever the topic of sustainability is super current. Choosing a refurbished iPhone means giving it new life and having no environmental impact in production. Producing an iPhone means putting a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so much so that Apple itself has created a special program to make the energy used by their suppliers cleaner.

3. They are like new

They work just like a new iPhone, debunking the myth that iPhones are short-lived. Refurbished iPhones work just like new iPhones when they are repaired and refurbished by experienced professionals like our team. By replacing the damaged parts and changing the battery, the iPhone is like new again.

All I-Tech refurbished iPhones are verified and tested and the battery capacity after rebuild is 80% of the original capacity, regardless of the degree of rebuild.